Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday, September 27

Today was a good day. I got an hour or so in for work while Josh napped. I'm going to try for a little more after he goes to bed. We'll see.

This morning he wanted to go shopping. I think he's a little confused about what's supposed to be in the shopping cart.

As he was eating his dinner tonight he'd take a bite an say "Mmm...mummy!" instead of "Mmm...yummy!". Of course mommy had to laugh at him.

Then we went outside and he played on his tractor. I think we have a minature Evil Kneival here. Mommy didn't let him ride like this for long but it was kind of funny. He wanted mommy to sit on the seat. LOL

We went to walMart today and spent some of his birthday money. He's relaxing before going to bed. He also got a little wrapped up in Spiderman didn't he?

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