Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday, October 6

Josh has found a new way to help mommy. I was getting the hose out to water all the new plants when someone took over. The dog loved it. Josh thought it was hilarious and when I gave him something to point at he did pretty good. :-) He only had one mishap that made him cry. When he was trying to get the hose to turn on and he pointed it at himself when it finally decided to cooperate.

After watering all fo the plants we went in for abubble bath. That went well. Now he's eating yogurt like he hasn't eaten in a week. LOL

We got a picture from daddy today. I showed Josh and he looked at it - Daddy! Daddy! Then he leaned in to the screen and gave daddy a big kiss. :-) I guess he misses Daddy as much as mommy does. :-)

I have a littl ehlp coming over tomorrow. they're going to help me watch Josh and maybe even with a little cleaning. Can you believe any 11 year old LIKES to vacuum and mop - even it's with a fun steam mop! They're spending the ngiht and I'll take them home in the morning when I drop Josh off at their house.

Well someone has finished their yogurt and is growling into the empty cup. I think it's about time for Sesame street and then to bed. (For both of us.)

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