Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday, October 11

Today didn't start out the best. Luckily Nena was here to help. She was a HUGE help! We tried to get Josh to take a nap after being up at 6 - but he was having nothign to do with it. So we kept putting him back in his room so we could work in th ecomputer room. Made a dent in that. but no naps for anyone. We also went throgh some of Josh's little baby toys and put them away and also picked a few to keep at nena's house. Mommy's hoping Nena has a sleepover soon but we'll see. :-)

Well Josh wouldn't listen to mommy so he got his second time out today. I had trouble not laughing at him since he'd sit with his feet on the kitchen chair wiggling his feet back and forth. Was kind of funny but he sat there. :-)

Yesterday we printed off daddy's picture and put it on the fridge so he could see it whenever he wanted to. He went over all on his own and pointed at it "Daddy Daddy!" with a great big smile. This time he kissed daddy's picture a few times without me asking him if he wanted to. Then he gave me the picture so I could kiss it too. :-) I think I need to laminate another one so sticky fingers won't ruin it. :-) I don't think this one will last too long.

Well he FINALLY took a nap around 3:30 and it's now almost 6 and he's still napping. I hope he's up soon so he's not up all night. We'll see...

Oh - I had really good intentions today but they didn't quite work out well. I had everythign set up to record the Eagles game for hubby and it didn't work out well. I noticed it about half time and started it but for some reason it only recorded an hour. OH well. Next week's is already set up to record. :-)

Well he's up - Good (I think).

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