Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday, October 1

Today has gone really slowly. At least the boy FINALLY took a 2hr nap. :-) Maybe he won't be too cranky when we get home. nena is coming over to help watch him while I get some cleaning and things done around the house for tomorrow's Christmas in October party. Yep - I'm weird but so are the other people who are comign over. We're going to have pizza for dinner and maybe bake a few cookies. Then we're going to watch Christmas movies and decorate our fake Christmas tree in the basment/family room. We're even doing a small gift exchange! You can't have Christmas and a tree and no gifts right? I'm even making up a quiz on Christmas movies and whoever gets the most right will win a prize.

Josh wanted to write daddy a note so mommy helped him and Nena took our picture. Not bad huh Daddy?

We miss you Daddy! Sending monster hugs and kisses for you!

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