Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday, October 7

So I decided to get a little creative and change the background on my blog. Hoep you like it.

Today was another busy day. Not so much at work as things are still ab it slow there for me but they're starting to pick up. Josh made mommy put a coat on when we left the hosue this morning. I guess at 2 he's already looking out for mommy. :-)

We b rough some guests home tonight. They've been a big help with keeping Josh busy while I got a few things done. Floor hasn't been done yet but that's ok. Tomorrow. :-)

Josh got a cookie and made sure he gave everyone one. He would cry and get all upset if I tried to take the cookies from him since he had one already. Then I realized what he was doing. :-) He did the same thign when he got a cereal bar. I guess he's a thoughtful host huh? Where did he learn that from? :-)

No pics today - sorry. Enjoying the moon tonight - as I have a lot lately.

Night night.

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