Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday, October 4

So here are some before and after pictures of the new things that have been planted. I didn't get a before picture for the nectarine and blueberry bushes but they were just added. Nothing was taken out.

Next is the trees in front of the house. This area is hard to get things to grow in so I hope these take soon. They're supposed to be in shade and get a peach colored flower.

This is the side of the house and hubby didn't like having to mow around things so I took some plants we ripped out and put them here. Some Irises next the house and hostas in front of them. I think they'll all fill in nicely and help hubby too.

Here are some before and after pics from in front of the house. I think it looks SO much better now. I hope hubby agrees. It was a lot of work and my back hurts! :-)

This is also the front of the house.


The last few...

And here is one of where the dog seems to think is his bed for the night. I suppose because I'm in his spot on the couch. LOL
Time for bed for me. I'm very tired. Going to take some Tylenol. My back hurts. Hmm... I wonder why...
Miss hubby...

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